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The purpose of these screens is to give a game master privacy to make game decisions, roll dice, and consult reference materials and maps without other players seeing. These screens are sized 12 x 36, specifically to fit four 8.5x11 printer sheets (character sheets, maps, notes etc.). These sheets are held up with magnets. Each screen features zero mortise hinges, antique style clasps, and a huge artwork space with images of Mirrored Dragons. Solid walnut. This item is made to order, and production time is about  4 weeks.

Mirrored Dragon Game Master Screen

SKU: dm-walnut-mirroreddragons
  • Each piece is finished with Watco Danish Oil which is a matte finish that requires minimal maintenance. If you notice your piece is looking "dusty" you can use a dry or damp cloth to remove dust. If something is spilled on your piece, we recommend using Murphy's Oil Soap and warm water.

    Never use dusting products such as Pledge, as this will damage the finish.

    In years to come, if you notice your piece is looking very dry, you can re-apply the Watco Danish Oil. Apply a small amount with a cotton rag, remove the excess oil with a dry rag and allow to dry.

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