Card Boxes

Card boxes are carved out of a solid piece of hardwood and have room to hold two standard poker decks of cards.  The lid can be customized with the artwork of your choice, and is held on with magnets. Multiple wood options available. 

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Cribbage Boards

Round cribbage boards can be made in 12 inch and 16 inch models, feature 3 tracks, and a large space for custom artwork in the centre.  Each board is made of solid hardwood and includes six metal pegs with custom storage on the underside of the board. Multiple wood options available.

Dice Boxes


These custom machined “hex” boxes feature a 13-dice honeycomb design, and may be carved or burned with the design of your choice. All boxes are made with solid hardwoods (with multi-wood glue-ups as well as single woods).  The lids are held on with magnets to keep your dice secure.  Fits standard gaming “D20” dice. 

Dice Towers


Dice towers help randomize rolls when rolling multiple dice.  These towers feature a peg randomization system inside instead of ramps, a magnet-on roll-out tray with a leather bottom and recesses to hold a few dice when not in use.  These towers are sized specifically to maximize artwork space, which can be fully customized.  Multiple wood options available.

Rolling Trays

These trays are perfect for table top gaming, when there are game pieces on the table that are in jeopardy of errant dice flying around.  Dice trays keep dice in a controlled space.  These trays feature a deep rolling tray with a leather bottom to keep noise down, recesses to store dice when not in use, and the artwork of your choice.  Rubber feet on the bottom keeps the tray dry in case of spills.


The purpose of these screens is to give a game master privacy to make game decisions, roll dice, and consult reference materials and maps without other players seeing.  These screens are sized 12 x 36, specifically to fit four 8.5x11 printer sheets (character sheets, maps, notes etc.). These sheets are held up with magnets.  Each screen features zero mortise hinges, antique style clasps, and a huge artwork space that can be fully customized. Multiple wood options available.

Gaming Master Screens


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