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A long time ago in a garage far far away...

When I started woodworking, all of my artwork was black and white custom pyrography (wood-burning). Which was fine for the time but was very labor intensive. As each piece was done by hand one at a time. Years later, I teamed up with James Ravenhill and we built a CNC machine with the idea of making some gaming paraphernalia. We started playing around with v-carving (machine carving with a "V" shaped bit) and suddenly the work changed overnight.

Since then we have made improvements by adding paint and then ink to the pieces to give both color and dimension. As well as a unique look to our pieces that is totally our own.

if you would like to commission a piece you see here or even one you don't, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Below are some examples of our v-carve work. Here's where you can see what we currently have in stock.

Lord of the Rings

Star Wars

Star Trek

Movies and Television


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