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The Team:

On the surface, it seems like Pickering Woodworks is a one-man show, but there are a key number of others who make this shop run  24/7 365.


Matt is the creator and owner/operator/el presidente of Pickering Woodworks.  He started out building theatre sets, and turned that interest into a woodworking hobby, and the hobby into the vast woodworking empire we see today.  

Matt draws a lot of inspiration from literature, TV and moives, and never thought that art would be his career, but here we are, and it's working out! 



James is the technology guy.  If there's a way to turn an innocent robot into a slave to do his bidding, James will find it. His total disdain for the impending robot apocalypse borders on the sociopathic.  

James has a sixth sense about design, and he can whip together plans in minutes that others spend fruitless hours on.  Smug bastard...

teamlabs ian.jpg


We think the only reason Ian hasn't turned to a life of crime- fighting vigilantism is a lack of disposable income. Ian is a wicked artist, loves building weapons and armour, and has 800 interests from cooking to metallurgy to leather work to spilling acid on Matt's shop floor.  

Ian comes up with a lot of concepts in the shop, and if you need a process over-complicated, he's your guy.  



Sean is Matt's older brother, and he contributes a magnificent beard to the shop, which is of the utmost importance.  

Sean is the content consultant.  If we're struggling for an idea, Sean has a wide breadth of knowledge of geeky subjects that can turn into artwork.  

His son Seamus is our broom-wretch.  He sweeps.  A lot.  



Kate is Matt's wife, and it was her idea to start this business in the first place.  When she isn't chasing after their son or sassing Matt, she helps out in the shop, keeps the books, schedules shows, and is always on the lookout for good deals on materials and interesting projects 

She thinks the rest of us are nerds, but she's a geologist, so she has no leg to stand on.  

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