Frequently asked questions

What can I see about who's initiating the random CoffeeCall?

To keep it exciting, not that much, and that’s the beauty of CoffeeCall. You might catch-up with people you haven’t talked with (for a while) and increase your personal and professional network significantly. The only hint you’ll get is from which group (family, friends, footballmates, colleagues) this CoffeeCall is coming.

I'm having so much fun, why is there a time limit of 7 minutes?

Experience has shown that 7 minutes is about the right time for a break. Not too long, not too short. With CoffeeCall, we take the uncomfortable feeling away of not being able to close the conversation. We'll let you know when the call is almost done and simply disconnect you both after 7 minutes. Just like back in the days when you ran out of money in a phone booth.

What if I'm not the first one that answers the CoffeeCall?

Then you’re too late for this call, but no worries, since you didn’t know who called it doesn’t matter and you can instantly initiate your own CoffeeCall. Be brave!

How can I follow-up on the awesome CoffeeCall I just had?

After each CoffeeCall you get the possibility to share your firstname, lastname and e-mail, together with the timing of the CoffeeCall with the other person. This way you can easily catch-up afterwards (if you want).

I'm more an introvert person and might not dare to pick-up a call?

CoffeeCall is developed with you in mind, we have easy and fun conversation starters or icebreakers that you can use at any given point of time. Be amazed by the things others learn about you and experience how you’ll benefit from it later on. The 10 minutes are over before you realize it.

Is everyone in the selected group called when I initiate one?

Nope, we make sure that not everybody is constantly called. We’ll mix known and random patterns, to make sure that every CoffeeCall is a positive and surprising experience for you and everybody else.

Why do I recieve a push notification instead of a real call when someone starts a CoffeeCall.

We want to notify everyone without being to intrusive. We think a push notification (with a nice coffee sound) is a gentle way of saying "Someone you know is going for a break, do you want to join?" Users should not feel obliged to answer every CoffeeCall.