Dice towers help randomize rolls when rolling multiple dice.  These towers feature a peg randomization system inside instead of ramps, a magnet-on roll-out tray with a leather bottom and recesses to hold a few dice when not in use.  These towers are sized specifically to maximize artwork space, which can be fully customized.  Multiple wood options available. 

Dice Tower - Custom

  • Each piece is finished with Watco Danish Oil which is a matte finish that requires minimal maintenance. If you notice your piece is looking "dusty" you can use a dry or damp cloth to remove dust. If something is spilled on your piece, we recommend using Murphy's Oil Soap and warm water.

    Never use dusting products such as Pledge, as this will damage the finish.

    In years to come, if you notice your piece is looking very dry, you can re-apply the Watco Danish Oil. Apply a small amount with a cotton rag, remove the excess oil with a dry rag and allow to dry.